Roof-A-Cide is the best roofing maintenance solution on the market.

While most other treatments can damage your roof, Roof-A-Cide is safe and more effective long term. It is non-toxic and is the only treatment that is EPA approved and safe for the environment. The application of Roof-A-Cide is helpful in controlling and preventing the growth of algae, mold, mildew, and fungus on your roof. It can be used on clay tile, concrete tile, asphalt shingle, slate, and stone coated metal roofs. It will help maintain surface reflective levels of your roof and lengthen the service life of the roof.

This service is only available with authorized roofing businesses. We are proud to be one of the authorized Roof-A-Cide applicators for the Treasure Coast. We clean your roof once, if needed, and then apply a light spray of the Roof-A-Cide treatment. If a recurrence of growth does happen we will clean and/or treat again at no additional cost to you. To learn more about Roof-A-Cide, please check out our blog post.