All American Roofing and Coating is experienced and certified in many types of coating systems.

Coating systems can serve as a recovery system to seal and to extend the life of an existing roof. Some coating systems serve as an actual roofing system. Some of the systems offered by All American Roofing are:


A silicone based coating system used primarily as a seal coating and recovery system. Gaco is perfect for sealing modified and single-ply low sloped roofs.


An acrylic-based liquid applied sustainable roofing system. It can be used as a recovery system or a stand-alone roofing system on low or steep sloped roofs. Acrylabs can be used over existing systems such as modified bitumen, single-ply, low sloped metal roofs, and urethane foam. Acrylabs can be used over structural concrete as a waterproofing or roofing system. It has almost unlimited uses which are custom-tailored for each job. 


A rubber based coating system that is durable and has great sealing properties. Versico can be used as a recovery system over many different roofing systems.