Spotless Roof Solutions

Tired of having to clean your roof year after year?

All American Roofing & Coating is proud to offer our customers Spotless Roof Solutions!

Spotless Roof Solutions (SRS) is an environmentally friendly fungicide designed to maintain the beauty of your roof. While most other treatments can damage your roof, SRS is a cooper-based solution that is safe and more effective long term. It is a product specifically designed for tile and shingle roofs and it does not contain bleach, lye, acid, or phosphates. Once applied, Spotless Roof Solutions starts to work immediately. Its natural cleaning action then continues day to day with the help of the morning dew and rainfall. And since it is a preventative fungicide, your roof will continuously stay clean 100% of the time for at least two years GUARANTEED!

spotless roof solutions before
spotless roof solutions after

This service is only available with authorized roofing businesses. We are proud to be one of the authorized Spotless Roof Solutions applicators for the Treasure Coast. We clean your roof once, if needed, and then apply a light spray of the Spotless Roof Solutions treatment. If a recurrence of growth does happen we will clean and/or treat again at no additional cost to you. To learn more about Spotless Roof Solutions, please check out our blog post.


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