Best Way to Keep Your Roof Clean

Are you tired of seeing green and black stains grow back on your roof year after year? Living in South Florida we have come accustomed to annual roof cleanings. Between the humidity and rainfall, algae, mildew, moss, and lichen continuously grow on our roofs. But what if we told you those annual roof cleanings could be eliminated?

We Aren’t Like the Rest

Your typical roof cleaning involves high-pressure cleaning and rinsing with the use of harmful, toxic chemicals mixed in. The use of a high-pressure wash and rinse can erode your roof and take years off the life expectancy of the roof system. The most commonly used chemical cleaners usually have chlorine bleach or sodium hydroxide in them. These chemicals tend to dry out the roofing membranes and corrode/rust the metal flashing which can lead to roof leaks. Most of these chemicals are not eco-friendly and not safe to humans or our pets. They can kill your grass, flowers, and shrubbery around your home. Not only are your plants at risk but it can also damage your paint, gutters, windows, siding, shutters, cars in the driveway, and other exterior surfaces. With all this at risk, your roof still doesn’t stay “clean” for long using these high-pressure/chemical cleaning methods.

Spotless Roof Solutions (SRS) is The Answer

All American Roofing & Coating is proud to offer a solution to your roofing needs. Spotless Roof Solutions (SRS) is a copper-based eco-friendly anti-algaecide roof treatment that is specifically designed to kill roof algae and keep your roof clean for TWO years! It contains NO harmful, toxic, or corrosive chemicals so it is safe for you, your pets, and your vegetation. SRS will not dry out your asphalt or modified roofing membranes or corrode/rust your metal flashings. SRS starts to work immediately once applied and its natural cleaning action reactivates day to day with the help of the morning dew and rainfall. Because SRS is a preventative fungicide, we guarantee your roof will stay 100% clean!

Told You We’re Different

With Spotless Roof Solutions, we guarantee your roof will stay clean for up to 2 years or we come back out and treat it again for free! SRS is a fungus maintenance product. Once it’s applied, it has a residual effect as a bonding agent so it adheres to the applied surface warding off the return of algae, mold, or fungi. So, as long as Spotless Roof Solutions is applied every 2 years you will never have to clean your roof again! This will end those yearly cleanings and thus minimize the traffic on your roof and the risk of damaging your roof system.

Best of all, Spotless Roof Solutions will be applied by a trained All American Roofing & Coating specialist! We are a reputable, licensed roofing company with over 35 years of roofing experience. Our employees know how to properly walk on roofs to minimize any type of damage and can repair broken tiles on the spot, if need be, during SRS application. If all this wasn’t enough, we can also use SRS on concrete and paver driveways and sidewalks. Let All American Roofing & Coating keep your home looking beautiful as ever with Spotless Roof Solutions! To learn more, please contact our office at (772) 781-4410.

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