Your Home’s First Defense – Your Roof


season is upon us. Weather experts predict twelve to fourteen storms this
season with five to seven to become hurricanes and two to four are forecasted
to become major hurricanes. It will be another active year to say the least. Well,
All American Roofing & Coating of FL has been there and done that!

Let’s talk about how to prevent some failures to
your most protective armor.


are the points on the roof where sheet metal, lead, and other materials seal
transitions and terminations. From valleys, vents, skylights, walls, and pipes,
flashing is crucial for keeping water out. We recommend sealing these regularly
as they tend to need a little updating throughout the years. The Florida sun
takes its toll drying out the sealants and wind can push water into these
locations causing damages that can be prevented.

Drainage Systems

and roof drainage systems are an important part of all roof systems, but they
are often overlooked when it comes to proper maintenance and care. In fact,
they may be considered the “unsung heroes” of roof systems because of their key
role in effectively removing water and debris from the roof. Conversely, they
also can be the culprit for many types of damage if they cannot handle the
heavy amounts of water coming from storms. To protect your gutters from debris
you can use mesh screens or a gutter guard. Also, you want to make sure your
drains are clear at the top and bottom.

Loose Coverings

out the binoculars and look for loose shingles, tiles, and loose fasteners that
can be released from the high winds and cause the roof to deteriorate fast.
These can also become projectiles that can cause additional damage to your home
and surrounding structures as well.

time to get prepared and inspect your roof is now. If you suspect anything is possibly
wrong with your roof, having a licensed professional come to inspect is your
next step. Finding these flaws now and getting them repaired, if needed, can
save you money before a storm hits and causes more damage to your home!

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