Signs You Need a Roof Repair


As a homeowner replacing your entire roof can be a
frightening thought. Roof repairs are always the preferred option. Repairs not
only cost the fraction of what a roof replacement cost, but they can be done
fairly quickly and help increase your roof’s life span.

Signs your roof is in need of immediate repair:


Water stains or discoloration on
walls or ceilings can be a big sign that moisture is getting through your roof.
You will want to call a licensed roofer to do an inspection and complete a
water test at the first sight of this to hopefully avoid an even more costly
repair. A water test helps our roof experts determine where the leak is
generating from on the roof and how to best repair your roof.

Curling, Cracking, and Missing Shingles

Your shingles display signs of
aging by curling which is where the edges or the center of your roof shingles
are coming upward. This is a clear indicator new shingles need to be installed.
If your shingles are cracking, this is typically caused by strong wind from
storms. So, you will want to ask a trusted roofer what shingles are better to
withstand high winds.

Sagging Roofline

A sagging roofline signifies that
there is damage to the underlying structure. The trusses or rafters may be wet
from leaking moisture and you will want to address this immediately with a
licensed roofer. If the broken trusses or rafters are placing any unnecessary
pressure on other parts of your roof system, it could lead to a collapse.

Sunlight Peering into Attic

If you are in your attic during the
day and see streams of light coming in, this is a huge red flag that your roof
needs repairs because you potentially have holes in your roof. If light can get
in, so can rain, hail, and wind drafts. Minor tears can be repaired but major
ones could require a complete roof replacement. Contacting a licensed and
trusted roofer can help you determine what the best course of action is for your

If you would like to learn more
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